correct, modify or natural balance

    Beautifying Functions


    Permanent concealer solution

    For Hairloss, Alopecia, Post-Surgery Scars



    Microblading treatment will make you enjoy beauty that lasts. Trained professionals brings your natural beauty to full advantage.


    Vitiligo Pigmentation

    One breakthrough vitiligo treatment option has emerged in the form of micropigmentation or the camouflage tattoo method.


    Cosmedik helps fight against cancer

    Pigmentierung von Narben aus ästhetischen, plastischen oder rekonstruktiven Chirurgie für Brustvergrößerung oder Reduktion.

Hair Micropigmentation Germany Micropigmentation is a cosmetic or paramedical procedure which aims to correct, modify, beautify or balance natural features of the client.
The objective of these procedures is to raise self-esteem, self-confidence, allow for a more active lifestyle, personal freedom, as well as saving time.
Both men and women who need, or are experiencing the following, realize the positive results of permanent makeup:
  1. Scar
  2. Camouflage
  3. Alopecia
  4. Allergies to cosmetics
  5. Unsteady Hands
  6. Contact lens sensitivities
  7. Areola Restoration
  8. Visual impairments
The beauty that lasts ...   
Medical Breast Pigmentation

Paramedical micropigmentation provides a finishing touch to surgical procedures, camouflaging scars and burns, and breast reconstruction.
Before and following Chemotherapy the process of permanent cosmetics has been used and endorsed for years by Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Estheticians, and Dermatologists. They embrace these procedures as non-surgical "cures".

Cosmetics and Paramedical Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation cosmetics
Eye Micropigmentation


Recreating a fuller effect in eyelashes, optically correcting drooping eyes, eyeliner effect on the eyelids in different colours that are in harmony with eyes, reinforcing the root area of the lower lid of the eyelashes, Subtle "Smokey" look.

Permanent Tattooing 	Eyebrow


Recreate the form of eyebrows using the technique called "hair by hair" when they are very fine,short,sparse,wrong shape or non-existent (alopecia).

Permanent Makeup Lips


Restructuring of the lip shape, correct asymmetry, enhance the colour of the membrane itself,either partially or totally.

Paramedical micropigmentation


For scars that are already stabilized and have no risk of developing keloids or becoming hypertrophyc scars.

Medical Breast Pigmentation


Pigmentation of scars resulting from aesthetic, plastic or reconstructive surgery for breast enlargement or reduction.

Cosmetic Hair Tattoo


Drawing hairs in areas pf the scalp affected by a scar or by localized thinning.

Makeup Events

Make-up Events

Applying makeup for big events including weddings, funerals, holidays, and outings.

Microblading Germany


Microblading treatment will make you enjoy beauty that lasts. Trained professionals brings your natural beauty to full advantage.

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