About us

About Esthetic Treatments Face and Body

Our philosophy is simply PERFECTION in everything we do.
The materials are of the highest quality and hygiene standards.
The intense training system is one of the best worldwide and we strive to deliver a high quality services for our customers.

Our products and their manufacturing processes are certified and guaranteed, meeting all legislative requirements

Our Specialist are dedicated to providing personalized, esthetic treatments to address a wide range of skin care issues for the face and body. With over 6 years experience our therapists have refined their ability to deliver safe and ethical treatments which reflects in their standards of clinical excellence.

"I personally ventured into this field after 3 of my family members were diagnosed with cancer. I was not content with being just a pillar of support and wanted to be able to do more. It is such a blessing now to be able to give back the gift of beauty and restorative treatments to offset the trauma of any type of cancer or other afections like alopecia and vitiligo."

Owner and Master Technician
Loredana Sasso

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