Cleaning, preparation and disinfection protocol

Cleaning, preparation and disinfection prior to client reception

Paramedical Pigmentation Procedure

Prior to receiving the client, the premises will be cleaned, disinfected and in good condition.
The practitioner will use appropiate attire for cleaning :

  • gown
  • gloves
  • special footwear
  • mask

The client will wear disposable head covering , disposable footwear and gown.
The workbench and all the other objects will be insulated with disposable osmotic film or disposable coverings.
The equipment will be protected with disposable covers.
Dermographs and cables or tattooing machine will also be protected with disposable covers.
Pigment stirrers, disinfectant bottles and cleaning gel will be all protected with disposable covers.

  • Single use pigment packs
  • Single use needles
  • Single use pigment cups
  • Sterile cotton pads
  • Sterile gloves
  • Mask