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Cosmetic micropigmentation

Cosmetic tattooing gives a subtle and natural looking effect to eyebrows, eyes and lips that lasts usually 1-3 years. Goldeneye has developed many basic and advanced techniques and combined with the use of our products the results are truly amazing.

Cosmetic procedures:


  • Recreate the form of eyebrows using the technique called "hair by hair" when they are very fine,short,sparse,wrong shape or non-existent (alopecia).
  • "Lifting" effect outside the shape of eyebrows,in order to open-up and lifting the area and giving more expression to the eye.
  • Harmonise both eyebrows in case they are asymmetrical,and correcting their colour or shape.
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Eyelid procedures:

  • Recreating a fuller effect in eyelashes -Optically correcting drooping eyes -Eyeliner effect on the eyelids in different colours that are in harmony with eyes -Reinforcing the root area of the lower lid of the eyelashes -Subtle "Smokey" look
  • Advanced Techniques for Eyelids:
  • Create a "Flash' effect in the central zone of the eye to give a sensation of openness.
  • Create a point of illumination to the eye, creating a special focus point in that area of the eye
  • Illuminate the area near the external corners of the eye,achieving a less "listless" expression.
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Lip procedures

  • Restructuring of the lip shape
  • Correct asymmetry
  • Enhance the colour of the membrane itself,either partially or totally

Advanced techniques for lips:

  • Illumination effects or optical correction of wrinkles in the upper lip
  • Optically increase the volume of the lips by applying light and shade techniques which in procedures for men are imperceptible.
  • Freckle and mole procedures
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There could be clients who, for aesthetic reasons, wish to highlight their cheekbones or lips by applying a mole through micropigmentation, like those possessed by some actresses or models