Eyebrow enhancement techniques

Permanent Tattooing Eyerbrow

Basic Techniques

The natural eyebrow Hair-by-hair Simulation Technique is one of the most difficult to master in permanent makeup.
Then harmony with the rest of the face and a natural look are the goals to be achieved.

Advanced Techniques

  • Intensive shading – Shading the balance brows
  • Bicolour hair by hair - Keeping a natural look
  • Shading, hair-by-hair and lifting effect
  • Soft shading – Reinforces the brow’s highpoint and shape
  • Tribal – Obtaining a more harmonic head
  • Shading and hair-by-hair – Gives more thickness and lengthens
  • Hair by hair framework – Usually for male brows with the aim to a natural design, sparsely drawing and a reinforcement of shape
  • Soft shading and colour correction