Lip design applied to permanent makeup

Micropigmentation Lips Germany

Permanent makeup techniques aimed at enhancing and correcting the lips are amongst the most common procedures applied.

Permanent makeup defines the lips outlines, enlarges or reduces them slightly, corrects asymmetries, create an optical effect or more volume and, generally, makes them more attractive if the design and technique have been correctly applied.

Lip enhancement techniques

  • Covering and contouring - Well defined contour lines and saturated filling
  • Diffuse, fading effect - Blending effect
  • Diffuse, skin on skin effect + Highlighting top line – “Gloss” effect with a diffuse skin-on-skin effect with natural results
  • Bicoloured contour + highlighting top line
  • Figure-of-eight filling effect - Non-saturated blending
  • Highlighting + lifting effect on top line – Lifting and volume effect in bottom lip lining
  • Light and shade – Creates a soft profile
  • Men’s lips - Adds volume
  • Lip highlight – Soften the line by creating a lighter shading effect on the top lip