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Paramedical micropigmentation

The term medical micro-pigmentation refers to depositing micro amounts of coloured pigments into the skin leaving a trace of pigments, in order to re-colour an achromia or reconstruct a structure.
The ethics of medical micro-pigmentation has no symbolic significance in comparison to regular tattooing. The purpose is for chromatic/ colour repair is to restore the natural skin colour in de-pigmented areas. Sometimes the purpose is to restore an anatomical structure such as lips, eyebrows or a mammary areola. This is called a chromatic reconstruction.
Medical micro-pigmentation can vary from short-term to long-term depending on the skin type, depth of implant and pigment concentration.
We have been trained to a rigorously high standard and we are using a state of the art equipment and medical grade pigments, which meet all European health and safety requirements. Our flare for colour and artistic aptitude ensures a first class enhancement.

Medical micropigmentation techniques can be applied in many ways: Skin Camouflage helps improve the appearance of persons with skin diseases such as Vitiligo or post-inflammatory hypo-pigmentation from skin trauma.
Hair simulation helps restore the appearance of missing hair and Reconstructive Areola tattooing helps post-mastectomy patients by creating a nipple and areola on the new reconstructed breast.

Areola procedures

  •    Pigmentation of scars resulting from aesthetic, plastic or reconstructive surgery for breast enlargement or reduction
  •    The high incidence of breast cancer in the female population places micropigmentation in the position of unquestionable psychological help for these women, since it allows the total redrawing of non-existent areola when the original areola have been removed during mastectomies.
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Scalp micropigmentation

Drawing hairs in areas of the scalp affected by a scar or by localized thinning.

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Re-Pigmentation for vitiligo

Can be achieved by artificially colouring the affected areas. Particularly recomended for people with dark skin.

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Scar  and burns camouflage

For scars that are already stabilized and have no risk of developing keloids or becoming hypertrophyc scars

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