Areola Restoration 

By means of re-pigmentation we can create an optical illusion of a 3 dimensional areola and nipple complex giving a result that is acceptable and looks natural.
Post surgery men and women patients who have had a Mastoplexy-breast, uplift patients who have had a Mammoplasty, breast reduction patients who have had breast reconstruction or mastectomy.
A combination treatment of Areola restoration and scar camouflage is most popular in most breast restorations, delivering outstanding results.
Each patient is different and a consultation is necessary for accurate quotes, however it generally takes up to 3 sessions.
Patients must be aware that maintenance is required every 12 to 18 months and must be motivated to pursue the relevant sessions as per instructed by the specialist.

A consultation and patch test is a necessity. Without these we will not be able to pursue the treatment. Consultations are free of charge, however the patch test costs 18 euros.