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Onkologisches Pigmentieren HeidelbergThis technique is not only used to beautify, it is also used to correct serious image problems that can often cause complexes in people such as inexistent or thin eyebrows, droopy eyelids, inexpressive eyes, and small, asymmetrical, discoloured or lifeless lips, or even more important can reconstruct the areolas after breast procedures such as mastectomy, breast enlargements, camouflage postoperative or any other nature scars, burns, vitiligo or even stretch marks.


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Micropigmentation procedures

In micropigmentation procedures, the results that are going to be achieved in a particular area should be taken into account as well as when to carry out the application and the level of difficulty involved.
Natural pigments are expertly inserted into the dermal layer of the skin into the desired location for a variety of cosmetic enhancements and corrective/ re-constructive procedures.


Procedure objectives

SchönheitschirurgenMicropigmentation has the fundamental objective of correcting, beautifying, balancing and harmonizing, and it can be applied to facial areas (lips, eyelids, eyebrows) or areas of the body (areola, scalp).